Blogshop Inventory System V1.0

One of my friend asked me to advertise this in my blog. Since I am the type who with a good heart and also who want to help his friend. So I decided to let you all have a view on application that he had developed for those who are owning a blogshop and want a good application to manage you business properly.

Check below details for more information:

Managing stock in hand for your blogshop is a hassle if you don’t have a systematic way of managing it. That is the reason why we came up with this Blogshop Inventory System (BIS). With it, you are not going to lost track of your inventory i.e. item available, managing order and much more. BIS is small, easy to use with multi features to manage your blogshop. And of course, above all, BIS is secure, rather than letting somebody else hold on to your sales data.

Multi blogshop
If you have more than 1 blogshop, you can keep track of inventory and salesgenerated for each blogshop.
The inventory features allows you to insert inventory data with picture for easy reference.
Order Management
Placing order never been easier with our order management. With one click, existing customer’s data is auto-generated without the hassle to retype their details again and again.

With print and e-mail function, you can send out delivery order to customer with one click of a button. 
 The delivery order will be sent by our predefined delivery order template.

Our system also programmed to support additional discount rate during promotional season.
Just add the discount by value or by percentage and everything will be calculated for you.

Manage transaction       
You can manage customer's order on your own or if you have partner, maximum of 3 people, able to verify the order by using our checker and approver function. It is to minimize error.

The order is unable to complete without authorization approving the transaction.
Transaction history        
Using this system, you can keep track of your previous completed order.
The BIS has a feature to view your sales statistics in graphical format, by using chart for easy reference.
You can define minimum inventory alert, checker approver, email setting as well as your blogshop banner that are displayed at various function in the system.

To start exploring BIS, go to Blogshop Inventory System v1.0  and download a copy today or you can go to our Facebook fan page for news/support. If you encounter any problems, dont hesitate to contact our support team at We would be more than happy to help you.


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