7 Months

Its been a while already since I involve myself into this blogging world. Not long enough compared to others that maybe had been in this world for more than 7 or 8 years. To them I am just a beginnner, just a small player in this big game. If I am not mistaken, it already been almost 7 month after I started written in this blog. Even there is a situation where my blog been deleted by Google due to spam issue. Lucky me, that I manage to save this blog by email and asked Google to review back my blog. They reviewed, this blog is still survive until now.

7 month is quite a number. I believe that there are a lot of blogger out there manage to get thousand followers by this period of time. For me, I just manage to get 463 only. Not a big number compared to them. But here I would like to greet many thanks to those that have followed this blog.

Yet I still havent found any satisfaction towards my writing. Yes my blog is a merely a personal blog that been written in a kind of story to entertain my readers. There is not hot story such as news in here. There is no happening thing such as wet party in here. There is no entertainment such erotic photos or 3gp clips in here. What only that I can provide to my readers is only my writing, my story.

Reading back my previous entries make me realise that my writing changed slowly time by time. I have to admit that sometimes what I had write in my best mood is the very best of my writing but sometimes I just write it without even knowing any single thing that I had written. But, I force myself at least I should write something once a week.

This blog will remains as it is, a story blog. Some of the story sometimes it will contains some life leasson, hate, love, failure and success. The most important thing, I wrote everything that exactly happen in our real life.

For some bloggers they may think that I am a very arrogant blogger who dont involve with any give away, segment, tag or what ever communications entry that been made by them. Sorry from me to them because this is the real me. Not arrogant, just that I happen to be like this.

As long there is reader, as long there is people who drop by and comment in my blog. I will continue writing. To those who are my followers and readers, i would like to ask your all opinion on what can I do to improve my writting and blog. Any comment is really appreciate.

Maybe a good and constructive comment, I will give you something in return. Just drop any comment, good or bad I will openly accept it.

Thanks all.



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Wadi AR said...

ko sombong sikit je

puteri kasih said...

good luck pak lan...you are doing a good job..Keep it up.

Puteri sentiasa support :)

Namee Roslan said...

wey blog aku umur 10 bulan dah :D teruskan menulis lan :)

my name is ivana said...

aku suka ja baca blog kamu pak lan..ari-ari aku bukak kalau line uum tu xdak problem ;)

just be urself, then the followers will always follow you..

ececehhhh ^_^"

hanaahmad said...

lagi dua bulan dah boleh bersalin/beranak. keh3. just be urself la Pak Lan. Hang tak sombong, cuma poyo sket jah. keh3

PinKy MoMMa said...

erkkk tiba tiba rasa masuk blog bro lan hahaha bukan pak lan ;)

lebih suka personal blog sebab ikhlas dari hati penulisannya..teruskan bro lan ;p

Munna said...

opinion eh?

erm..aku suke je baca cite2 ko, n cara penulisan ko mmg best.

kalau nak improve,mgkin ko bleh letak quote kt hujung entry utk buat readers berfikir sejenak ttg sesuatu cite yg ko nak smpaikan. mgkin disebalik cite ko dgn gadis2 tu,ko selitkan ckit ayat tersirat ke hape ke..eh ko paham ke aku tulis ni...hahaha

nick dot anis said...

i am ur silent reader..this is maybe my 1st time comment here:-)

keep blogging ya pak lan..ur blog is nice

Munna said...


paklan,nak minta tolong ckit. url aku dah tukar, skrg pkai www.munnafendy.com

kt bloglist kau tu url lama...so entry baru xkuar..

hehe..thanks =)

Munna said...

blogger lembap lah..dh ptg ckit bru dia update..wat cuak je

Munna said...

*eh lupe nak jawab

RM54 setahun lps diskaun.lau x RM60 dgn netkl

naz said...

jangan ubah resipi masakan yang telah sedap orang makan lan :) wa caya sama lu. kalau perempuan maybe mereka akan kata wa cayang sama lu hahahha good job bro.

EZAN IDMA said...

i love you.

eh i love ur blog


nazirah said...

keep on writing ;)

onie said...

pak lan sempoi ! sombong? tak,ang baik hati,lalalalalala :D