Tips Of Knowing Your Blog Audience

Everyone want to do blogging. Everyone want to write something in their blog. Everyone wants people to read what they have write in their blog, either it is tutorial, news, story or whatever entry that they had published.

Whatever you write in your blog, atleast you must have your own target of audience/readers. These specific target of your readers who reads everything that you write whom that I called "Followers".

But how well do you know you blog followers/readers?

A good blogger usually will know, who will be their blog followers. The most important thing in a blog is not how nice or cute a blog look like, how interactive your blog are. But what important is the contents of your blog. A blog without a content is like an empty book.

What you gonna write into your blog is up to you, because every people have different opinion in what they want to write. The better you write your entry, more people will read it. But apart from the good entries that you had publish, you should know something about you blog loading weight.

Have you all ever see this kind of chart in below image?

This chart is a good chart where it explain to you on who are your blog readers. Just take example if your blog readers are coming from Malaysia, of course you need to tackle your readers with Bahasa Malaysia language.

Have you ever think that your readers also coming from small device platform such as smartphone?

Not all the smartphone can load everything that you put into your blog because smartphone memory is less compared to laptop or pc. You cant expect all your readers have time to turn on their laptop or pc just to read your entry. Be smart and friendly to your readers. For there a function to enable Mobile View specifically for readers who are online using smartphone.

What you need to is simple. Just follow below instructions:

1. Settings -> Email & Mobile -> Mobile Template
2. Yes. Show mobile template on mobile device
3. Choose you template.
4. Save.

By doing this, you will make your blog being view in Mobile View mode where this template is less in loading weight. Readers can easily load your in short time. This will make them easily read what you have write.

Remember, make priority to your readers if you want readers to read your blog.

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Wadi AR said...

ouhh, thanks bro for the knowledge

Aiman Ariffin said...

very informative. Thanx! changed it already

Munna said...

ramai2 pakat cek setting! =)

zOeY zAu YaH said...

yeaa pak lan hebat..saya dh buat..kalau tak mmg x tau pun hihi tq yee..

puteri kasih said...

nice info pak lan....puteri selalu main tulis je apa yg puteri nak...hahahaha

Tak sure readers nak baca atau tak..hehehe

Fyqa said...

ok thanks for info



Thxs Mr.IC (Information counter) hehehehe

Munna said...

*diana amir tu blakon cite aku masih dara kalau tak silap...alah google je lah =)

zOeY zAu YaH said... saya ade kat bloglist pak lan lah..hehe tq..saya listkan pak lan blk k...

cik bulan said...

haha..malas nk tuka..*degil..haha

nazirah said...

hehe dah buat da sori ari tu tak taw.. hee.. tanx ek pak lan ;)

Namee Roslan said...

eh eh tu audience aku tu. ahah