How To Develop A Good & Quality Blog

Today, there a lot of people out there have their own blog. Either it is for personal, sports, politics or what so ever blog type that they already created. But most of them do not know how to make a good quality blog. But which blog or what type that I mean, have a quality to become a good blog.

Now it is not so easy for us as a new blogger to become popular like The Other Khairul, Ben Ashaari, Beautiful Nara, Blog Anak Mat Nor, Aku Tak Peduli, Lejohndary and some other more that quite a lot that I cant mention over here. Most of these guys like Lejohndary, they have started blogging since 2006 in the era where there are only a few blog where created back then. Since they were less blog at that time, so it is easy for people to know their blog. Less competitor.

But thats not all what it takes for them to well known blogger as now. There are a few criteria need to be met so that they can become a good blogger.


What I mean by branding is to brand your own blog. How to do that? It is very simple. Before you create your blog link name, you must decide properly on what name that you want to use. It is same like an artist want to decide their own popular name. For an example Markonah will end up with Mallie. Get what I mean?

Ok, lets take an example how popular blogger choose their own blog name.

Ben Ashaari ->
The Other Khairul ->
Lejohndary ->
Aku Tak Peduli ->

These are simple to be memorize so that next time people who dont have blog can easily google for our blog name. But if we make our blog as complicated as, I bet that no people can remember it and want to remember a stupid long freaking name. Even now day our own friend we have given them with a lot of simple and stupid name as Blur and Black so that we can easily remember them.


Why I said that genre also an important element for a blog to become a good blog. If you are a music band, after u form your band what u need to do is to find your own genre of music. Actually blog are no different than that. Have you all heard Beautiful Nara before? Well his blog is quite famous in news and gossip. His genre is news, and he stick with that genre until now. Now even you mention about gossip, people know that they need to google for Beautiful Nara to get it.

Genre also will determine who will be your readers. Choosing a genre is same as choosing who will be your readers. Try to avoid mixing up all the genre that will make people wonder what kind of blog that you have created. The tips here try choose the minimum quantity of genre. Blog also almost similiar to magazine, is just that it is more open to all readers and our contents are free.


Who said that a personal blog cant be popular? The content of your blog must interesting so that people will have more interest to read more and more. Zack Zukairi, Blog Anak Mat Nor and Lejohndary, these are the blog name where the content of their blog is personal but they create a good way to tell a story about themself so that make people wait for them to update even havent update for quite some time. Get my point?

Try to develop a good content so that people will feel like they reading a blog but not a magazine or novel. This part is actually is really hard to do since it is depend on blogger character and skills. But the tips and tricks here is reading. The more you read the more knowledge that you will gain, then a lot idea that you will have to write in your blog.


This is quite an important element that a blog should have. If you want to copy and paste other people contents to your blog. How long can you keep up by doing this? I bet just a few month after you blogging, other people will realize that you are copying from other people. For some people it is doesnt matter for them as long that they can read, but some people it does matter. At the end you will face the consequences or your own act.

Find your own identity on what type of blogger that you want to become. Then only you will have your own strength to become a good and a quality blogger.

Time :

We need to do everything step by step. There are no short and easy way to be successful blogger. Even Ben Ashaari himself takes 2 years plus to become what he are now. Be patient.

Last but not least is depend on the reason why you want to start blogging. If you dont have a good solid reason to answer this question to yourself, it is hard for you achieve what you want.

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Wadi AR said...

sekali omputeh daaa

Namee Roslan said...

yang penting kena tahu niat blogging n sabar. orang ingat buat blog ni mudah. tapi tak, perlu masa. traffic ni ada dua jenis. pertama, kau main SEO. kedua kau famous. kalau cara yang kedua perlu masa sikit untuk naik tp at last puas hati sebab orang kenal penulisan, dan duit masyuk. kalau aku, aku suka zack zukhairy. sempoi. tp aku pmpuan. so persepsi kt blogger pmpuan ni lain sikit.

Nava.K said...

great sharing and thank you for the tips. Like you said, everyone can blog in their unique way, let it be personal, food, cooking etc.

Bashtiah said...

Tips yang bagus... bab nak jadikan blog personal tapi macam baca magazine, tu susah... i'm still trying, though. tq! ;)

nazirah said...

wah tetibe baca entry org putih ... good..sbb dapat apa yang pak lan smpikan tu .. untuk ke lima-lima item tu mmg sgt penting dalam blog kita.. insyaAllah cci akan cube.. perbaiki dari semasa ke semasa..

p/s : sorilah tak retilah macam mana nak enable comment tu pada mobile ada dekat setting ke? adehh

PinKy MoMMa said...

branding..pinky momma..erkk org kenaikah? hahaha..

content? smua pun pasai keluarga kecik..sebab malas nak mik pot hal org lain..

hamboi ceq..ari ni terminum latte di pagi ari kaaa? speaking london nampak ang sangkut ngan belinda pulak dah? uhuhuhu

Akulah Pak Lan said...

wadi skali skala kita kena belajar benda baru

Akulah Pak Lan said...

namee: zack zuhairy memang sempoi. tak semua orang boleh jadi macam dia

Akulah Pak Lan said...

nava: just sharing from my opinion

Akulah Pak Lan said...

bashtiah: pelan2 kita belajar melalui pengalaman

Akulah Pak Lan said...

nazirah: pandangan paklan ja

Akulah Pak Lan said...

pinky momma: bergantung kepada nawaitu kita nak buat blog :-)

Munna said...

originality tu yg pyh nau nak cari...dlu awal2 wat blog rasa mcm poyo2 je aku pny writing,tp xpuas.sbb xjadi diri aku tulis ikut sukahati ape nak tls (at least x melampau la kan)...sjk akhir2 ni suka tls psl preparation utk wedding..ntah2 t dah kwin cite pasal baby pulak...haha..ksilapan plg bsr dlm berblog bila pilih url yg gedik habis.....

NuReLLe said...

my blog is so a "sukahati" one..because for me..blogging is sharing and i'd share what ever things that crossed my mind..famous or money come second..hukhuk

Akulah Pak Lan said...

munna n nurelle: semua bergantung kepada niat kita berblog

puteri kasih said...

yang penting keihklasan dalam menulis..kan pak lan :)

Akulah Pak Lan said...

puteri kasih: yup